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Ultimate Impact Discipleship Course - Monthly Subscription

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The Ultimate Impact is designed as an interactive discipleship course to assist you in growing into the fullness of God's intention for you. This will bring about the greatest fulfillment in your life.  In this first series, we address the difference between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the purpose of the church, how we access the heavenly realm through our supernatural senses, the courts of heaven and our destiny scroll.  In this second series, we address our stuff - how to deal with spirit, soul and body and to live an overcoming life. In this third series, we explore non-dualism and the restoration of all things.  Many of these concepts may be new to you and we don't expect you to believe them, without studying deeply and knowing from Father whether these truths are for you.  Take your time, ponder and seek the Heart of Father. 

Watch this 2 minute video to get a feel for a week in the life of an interactive Ultimate Impact group!

>>> BONUS: This subscription also includes a complimentary subscription to Meditate On Me! You'll get access to 250+ daily guided meditations, categorized into 18 topical collections, including "Hearing God," "Blessing Your Body,""Forgiveness,""Jehovah Jireh," and tons more.

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